Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Common Flame Resistant Clothing Myths

It is easy to get caught up in negative reports about flame resistant technology, especially when it is badly implemented. But, flame resistant clothing is still an important safeguard in the workplace - a fact that was confirmed when the Office of Naval Research tested and created FR coveralls.

FR Clothing is Ineffective

This is a common misconception so it is good to get it out of the way first.

While it is true that FR clothing is not fire-proof, it does provide a large degree of protection compared to clothing which does not have the same flame resistant properties. For example, Carhartt states that their FR clothing is "specially designed to self-extinguish within two seconds after the source of ignition is removed." Although the protection is not perfect, burn severity is still drastically reduced.

FR Chemicals Wash Out or Degrade

No. Flame resistant garments are designed to provide protection throughout the life of the garment.

This myth generally stems from a misunderstanding about the two types of flame resistant fabrics: inherent and treated. Inherent fabrics are chemically designed to have fabrics that are flame resistant from the ground up. The misunderstanding comes in with treated fabrics. The chemicals used in the treating process create a permanent chemical attachment that cannot be undone through normal washing (however, you should note any special washing instructions given by the manufacturer).


Even the article about the ineffective FR implementation for home furniture at the opening of this post acknowledges that flame retardant barriers do offer effective resistance to fire (and the same information has been reported by Matt Blais, PhD, on Youtube). The lesson is that FR is important, especially when it comes to hazardous working conditions.

Flame resistant clothing is rated for safety by organizations such as the National Fire Protection Association. These organizations provide different levels of certification for garments. When in doubt, research the safety ratings of your garments before purchasing.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Occunomix Safety Wear

The Occunomix brand is the latest addition to the Midwest Workwear high-visibility lineup. We are still adding the items to our website, but we already know that the brand is going to be a success.

Occunomix LUX-SSETPBK Safety T-Shirt

High visibility shirt with black bottom and reflective stripe around waist and over shoulders
Brand: Occunomix - $12.49 - In stock

This safety t-shirt is made with lightweight 3.8-ounce moisture-wicking fabric. The shirt has a bright lime top half with reflective stripes and a conveniently located chest pocket. For additional contrast, the shirt's bottom-half is colored black underneath the reflective stripe.

The color contrast in this item is highly unique across the brands we carry and is worth checking out today.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Class Warfare in High Visibility

Different jobs have different safety requirements and it is important to know the difference when shopping online. Here is the difference:

  • Class 2: Items meeting these safety requirements have a single, reflective stripe around the stomach along with a single strip on the sleeve.
  • Class 3: Items with this classification have two reflective stripes around the stomach. It also has a stripe around the sleeve; if it is long-sleeved, two sleeve stripes are required.

Here is some examples:

High visibility yellow shirt with reflective stripes.

CL3LONG Class 3 Long Sleeve Shirt

This long-sleeve shirt meets the Class 3 standards for long sleeve shirts and has other notable features including a chest pocket and a moisture wicking material.

More information about this shirt can be found on our website.

High visibility short sleeve shirt with Class 3 stripes.

9051C3 Class 3 Short Sleeve Shirt

This shirt is built to be comfortable while meeting Class 3 standards. Like the CL3LONG, it is made with a moisture wicking polyester fabric and it has a chest pocket.

If you would like to purchase this t-shirt, you can buy it on our website.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Carhartt 101017: A Traditional FR Coverall
Carhartt's 10101
7 flame resistant coverall has quickly risen to the top of our best-selling list over the past week - and it is not hard to see why. The unlined design provides safety without being too hot during the summer months; and, this coverall was designed to be easy to put on and take off.
This FR coverall also offers plenty of storage space: it has two chest pockets in addition to numerous utility pockets. And, of course, this garment is made with a comfortable cotton material.
You can find this item on our website.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

New Products: Carhartt Tool Bags

Back in October, Carhartt announced a license deal with 5 Horizons Group. With this deal, Carhartt will be selling a variety of new products under its banner:

The collection of Work Bags, Packs and Gear by 5 Horizons Group will launch on a limited basis in time for Holiday 2013. The complete program will launch January 2014.

Now that this program is ready to go, we are making these items available for purchase on our website.

Two black Carhartt tool bags with haul loops
  • The 23-inch gear bag is the largest of its kind. It is built with a long-lasting construction and will comfortably fit many tools.
  • If you need a smaller size, the 14-inch tool bag is a great choice; you get the same features as before, but at a lower price.
  • Finally, if you are looking for a real value, we are offering these tool pouches (see picture) as a set for only $25.00.

All of these products come with Carhartt's trademarked Rain Defender technology. Keep your equipment organized and dry.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Featured Product Update, Jan 21

We just updated our featured product list to include some of our new, favorite items from our website. Here they are:

Forester Hi-Vis Sweatshirt

High visibility forester sweatshirt with zipper and hood
This class 3 hoodie is designed to maintain visibility in cold conditions. It has two reflective stripes that wrap all the way around the body and around the body and around the sleeves, making it the perfect option for safety during outdoor activities. Also, it is more comfortable than wearing a vest.
Also, this item is available in a variety of sizes (Large through 4XL to be exact).

Carhartt Midweight Sweatshirt

Midweight sweatshirt with hood, drawstrings, and kangaroo pouch storage
Up next on the featured products list is a midweight sweatshirt:
This sweatshirt is made of a cotton/polyester blend - a mixture that makes this item both comfortable and warm. It has a hood with draw strings in addition to a kangaroo pouch on the front.
This sweatshirt is available in a numerous different colors. New Navy, charcoal Heather, gray, red, and black are just a few of the available options; you should check them out for yourself.

Carhartt FR Duck Overalls
Last but not least is this flame resistant Carhartt overall. Available in three different colors, this overall is bound to please. It is made of FR cotton duck and has a warm, quilt lining. For added strength, this item features a chap-style double front and durable brass zippers.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Georgia Boots

Feet drenched after a hard day of work outdoors? Many people come home after a long day and pull off their soaked work boots. This causes discomfort and problems for the boots owner. During the winter and spring, slush and ice-cold waters seep into your boots causing your feet to be soaked to the bone, especially if your boots are not waterproof or designed to keep out the cold.

Georgia Boots has put in effort to design numerous boots that will keep you dry. Their Gore-tex fabric was engineered to keep you warm throughout the winter. Here are some boots that feature this technology:

G8274 Soggy Brown Boot

Georgia brand soggy brown colored boot with black sole and green laces.
Brand: Georgia Boot - $124.99 - In stock

Despite the name, this boot is not soggy at all. The name more apt to describe the conditions this boot was desgined to protect against. Slog through mud, muck, and other slushy puddles without fear or hesitation! And, do it all with style in these comfortable boots.

Additionally, these boots were desgined to last. They are built with durable, full-grain leather that resists oils and grease.

Buy the G8274 Boot