Thursday, December 26, 2013

Georgia Boots

Feet drenched after a hard day of work outdoors? Many people come home after a long day and pull off their soaked work boots. This causes discomfort and problems for the boots owner. During the winter and spring, slush and ice-cold waters seep into your boots causing your feet to be soaked to the bone, especially if your boots are not waterproof or designed to keep out the cold.

Georgia Boots has put in effort to design numerous boots that will keep you dry. Their Gore-tex fabric was engineered to keep you warm throughout the winter. Here are some boots that feature this technology:

G8274 Soggy Brown Boot

Georgia brand soggy brown colored boot with black sole and green laces.
Brand: Georgia Boot - $124.99 - In stock

Despite the name, this boot is not soggy at all. The name more apt to describe the conditions this boot was desgined to protect against. Slog through mud, muck, and other slushy puddles without fear or hesitation! And, do it all with style in these comfortable boots.

Additionally, these boots were desgined to last. They are built with durable, full-grain leather that resists oils and grease.

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Icy Conditions

Shoveling in a snowstorm? Yuck. But, that is what many people have been doing this winter and will continue doing throughout the winter. The only thing that could make it worse is having icy pavement.

Vehicle owners have been using tire chains to handle these winter conditions for a long time. Now, a revolutionary product is bringing the same solution to your feet!

Yaktrax Pro

Ice Trekkers Yaktrax Pro create traction with a collection of grips that attach to the bottom of your boot
Brand: ICE Trekkers - $26.99 - In stock

The Yaktrax boot grips provide extra traction by attaching grips to the bottom of your boot. Simply position your boot inside the traction frame and attach the strap to lock your boot in place.

The traction in this design comes from the coils under the boot that dig into ice and snow. Walk just like you normally would, but without fear of slipping.

Buy the Yaktrax Boot Grips

Other boot grips are also available to fit your style preference and price range. Search through other boot grips.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Rainy Weather?

Around our store, the weather has been rainy. But, there is no need to worry because we have an excellent selection of rain coats available in our store and online.

75-1381 Rain Jacket

Majestic high-visibility, yellow rain-coat with reflective striping.
Brand: Majestic - $73.99 - In stock
This is possibly the most versatile jacket on the market. We actually call this jacket "the transformer" because it is really eight jackets in one. Through creative use of zippers, the hood and liner an be replaced independently. Also, the sleeves can be removed, allowing the jacket to be worn as a vest. And, this jacket can be worn year-round, partially because of this versatility.
If you are looking for an alternate liner, the 75-5381 Liner is available for purchase.
Buy the 75-1381 Rain Jacket

75-1301 Rain Jacket

Dark Navy Carhartt J140 Jacket
Brand: Majestic - $49.99 - In stock
This jacket is not quite as versatile: the sleeves are not removable. However, the inner liner is still removable. This waterproof jacket is made of 100% polyester and is sure to keep water out. This jacket, like the 75-1381, is also a high visibility safety item.
Buy the 75-1301 Rain Jacket

Monday, September 30, 2013

Flame Resistant Brands

We offer a wide variety of flame resistant/flame retardant clothing at Midwest Workwear. Carhartt FR is one of our biggest brands, but other options are available. For our last post of the month, we would like to provide a quick overview of some brands that might be overlooked.
  • Bulwark FR - Bulwark is a great, Nashville-based, company that offers a wide variety of flame resistant options. Many of their products are sold to utility workers, but they are still a great FR option. Many of Bulwark's products are made with Nomex for its flame-resistant properties. If that is a feature you are looking for, Bulwark is a great place to start. One more thing: Bulwark is also one of the brands which offers High Visibility FR items.
  • Rasco FR - Rasco's product list is not as expansive as Bulwark's, but they still get the job done. Rasco has the traditional selection of coats, coveralls, pants, shirts, and sweatshirts, but they still have some niche items such as their flame resistant camo jacket and t-shirt.
  • DriFire FR - DriFire clothing is made in made in the USA and they are another one of our flame resistant vendors which offer a high visibility FR option, but their selection is more limited in that area. They do also offer some flame resistant thermal underwear and other accessories in addition to some shirts. They do not have a lot of variety, but they are definitely worth a look.
  • Berne FR - This Indiana-based company was founded in 1915 to sell overalls and shirts. A unique product of their invention is their snap-on hood. If you are looking for flame-resistant bibs, coveralls, jackets, or sweatshirts, Berne is worth a try.
  • NSA FR - National Safety Apparel is located in Ohio and has been making their quality flame-resistant products in the USA for many years. NSA is the only vendor which offers a protection kit with a hard hat, face shield, glasses, etc. They also offer a variety of sweatshirts and high visibility items. If you work in a cold environment, I recommend trying out one of their pullover or zip sweatshirts to see how it performs.
And that concludes our rundown. If you would like to browse through the entire Midwest Workwear selection of flame resistant items, you can take a look at our all flame resistant clothing page.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Popular Carhartt Jackets

With the first day of fall just two days away and cooler weather on its way. It is time to start thinking about coats and jackets. Here are some of the most popular fall and winter products from Carhartt's catalog:

J140 Duck Active Jacket

Dark Navy Carhartt J140 Jacket
Brand: Carhartt - $79.99 - In stock
Are you looking for a Carhartt jacket that is made in the USA? The J140 is the jacket for you. Made from 100% ring-spun cotton duck, this jacket is versatile and warm. Additionally, the quilted flannel lining and nylon-lined sleeves provide extra warmth.
If you are looking for other products which are made in the United States, check out our made in the USA list

J130 Sandstone Active Jacket

Brown Carhartt J130 Jacket
Brand: Carhartt - $84.99 - In stock
This Carhartt jacket is made for working. The rugged sandstone duck is built to withstand harsh conditions. Not only will the jacket survive, you will too; this jacket is lined with warm, quilted flannel and the sleeves are lined with quilted nylon. This jacket has two front hand-warmer pockets in addition to two internal pockets. If you are looking for an obviously tough workwear jacket, this is the one for you.

C003 Traditional Lined Coat

Black Carhartt C003 Coat
Brand: Carhartt - $99.99 - In stock
The C003 Duck Traditional Lined Coat was made with winter in mind. It is made out of Carhartt's tough duck material and it has an arctic quilt lining. The inside of the coat is insulated with arctic-weight polyester. The coat offers plenty of storage space with two chest pockets and two lower-front pockets.

J002 Duck Traditional Lined Jacket

Brown Carhartt J002 Jacket
Brand: Carhartt - $84.99 - In stock
Carhartt's J002 Duck Traditional Lined Jacket was built to last. Made of 100% cotton duck and has a quilted nylon polyester lining, this jacket is sure to keep you warm. On the front of the coat there is two hand warmer pockets in addition to the two pockets on the inside of the coat.
Unlike the C003, this jacket only has two pockets on the front, but the inside pockets provide extra space for storage.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Unique Options at Midwest Workwear

Here are some of the unique products which Midwest Workwear offers that are hard to find anywhere else.
High-Vis FR Combos: Our high visibility flame resistant clothing has a selection which is unmatched by anyone else. Plenty of retailers offer flame resistant or high-vis clothing, but Midwest Workwear is able to offer both features in a single product.
Hunting Clothes: Midwest Workwear offers blaze orange and camo clothing options. We are proud to carry the blaze orange products made by Carhartt.
Closeout Carhartt and Promotions: We make every effort to give you the lowest price allowed by Carhartt. Check out our clearance section for great prices. You can use the coupon code "EXTRA50" for an extra 50% off women's clearance items. We also have a page that lists current and upcoming promotions.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Carhartt Shirts, For Men!

Carhartt shirts are popular items, not just at our store, but all over the world. Carhartt makes a wide variety of shirts and styles. For example, there is knit shirts and woven shirts. The difference has to do with the way the garment is constructed and it gives the styles unique textures.

K84 Workwear Short Sleeve Henley

Navy Short Sleeve Henley
Brand: Carhartt - $16.99 - In stock
This shirt is made for working. The Rib-knit collar and jersey-knit cotton body are made for durability. The side seam construction and the lack of a tag in the back enhance the comfort of this shirt, but you will really be happy to have it as an under-layer for cold weather. If you are looking for storage space, you will find that this knit shirt has a continentally located chest pocket.
As always, we sell this item at the cheapest price allowed by Carhartt.

K126 Workwear Long Sleeve Shirt

Ash Colored Long Sleeve Shirt
Brand: Carhartt - $18.99 - In stock
This shirt is perfect as the weather starts to get cooler. The long sleeves provide the perfect amount of warmth. This knit shirt is made from jersey cotton and it can be layered or worn by itself. The crew neck design makes for a comfortable fit and the shirt is designed to minimize twisting. And finally, a Carhartt work shirt would not be complete without a chest pocket.

Other Carhartt Shirts

Are you looking for something else? Check out our other knit Carhartt shirts or other woven Carhartt shirts for other options.

    Friday, August 23, 2013

    Carhartt Thermal Wear

    In most recent times, clothing companies are trying to uncover insulation technologies that will defy traditional warming and cooling methods. Using spandex like material to trap as much heat as possible, makes the layering process easier. Companies like Under Armour and Nike, have been developing this thermal tech since the early 2000's, but have failed to make clothing with sustainable quality. In the last three years, Carhartt has stepped up to end this epidemic of expensive thermal wear that won't last. With three different types of long sleeve shirts and pants, Carhartt's thermal catalog is impressively simple. These specific styles are meant for various types of weather. After experiencing what Carhartt thermals have to offer, you will never want to go back to brands like Under Armour or Nike. To view all thermals, visit our navigation page that explains every product.

    100639 Regular Cotton Thermal Crew Neck Top

    100639 Regular Cotton Thermal Crew Neck Top
    Brand: Carhartt - $24.99 - In stock
    Made from 100% cotton knit, this shirt naturally wicks off sweat while keeping you warm. The 100639 is 100% cotton vs the polyester. Cotton is the preferred material when you desire the ability to keep extra warm. Give the 100639 a go if you want to keep warm and dry.

    100640 Regular Cotton Thermal Bottom

    100640 Regular Cotton Thermal Bottom
    Brand: Carhartt - $24.99 - In stock
    The 100640 is the bottom complement to the 100639. This thermal bottom is constructed of 100% cotton knit that naturally throws sweat off itself. With reinforced seams, you can be sure that this product will be no less reliable than any other Carhartt item.
    For all other products visit our home page.

    Tuesday, August 20, 2013

    Carhartt Insulated Pants

    Fall and Winter can bring some brutally cold temperatures for people working outside, but Carhartt has some solutions to help you out. Carhartt offers many unique insulated pants that are intended to suit various jobs and activities. With different types of lining and levels of insulation, you can easily find out what style best solves the problems that come with the weather.

    B155 Relaxed Fit Fleece Lined Jean

    B155 Relaxed Fit Fleece Lined Jean
    Brand: Carhartt - $49.99 - In stock
    This relaxed fit, fleece lined jean is ideal for anyone looking for insulated pants to stay warm. The B155 is composed of 15oz cotton denim and the insulation is made of 100% polyester. Featuring a straight leg style and a waist that fits naturally around the upper hip, the B155 has a natural feel that comes with many features to help you through the cold. It is also important to note that the B155 can act as a bib replacement if you do not desire the overalls look.

    B194 Quilt Lined Pant

    B194 Quilt Lined Pant
    Brand: Carhartt - $74.99 - In stock
    Made specifically to attack the cold weather, the B194 is ready to conquer all of winter. The sandstone pant-overall is insulated with 100% nylon that traps heat, while not ruining the flexibility of the pant. The exterior is made up of 12oz cotton duck that has proved to be tough for years upon years. Its chap double front style adds a unique look and increases its versatility. Triple stitching and reinforced pockets make these pants close to indestructible.

    B111 Flannel-Lined Duck Work Dungaree

    B111 Flannel-Lined Duck Work Dungaree
    Brand: Carhartt - $49.99 - In stock
    Lined with our 100% cotton flannel, the B111 duck pant is perfect for the cold. The outside is made of 12oz 100% cotton duck material. The B111's are made to fit naturally around the waste and they feature multiple tool pockets. Enjoy the comfortability of the B111 that is not surpassed by any other pant.

    Monday, August 19, 2013

    Unlined Bibs Sale

    Cooler weather means more preparation. Carhartt has many different styles of unlined bibs, but most customers do not know the differences between them. Carhartt unlined bibs are unique in their own way and each has a specific purpose. The styles R08, R07, R37, and R01 can accommodate any worker who needs bib overalls. From all season, to layering capable bibs, Midwest Workwear has you covered. Each pair comes with utility pockets and various other features. Feel free to read more on Carhartt unlined bibs to find out what qualities that could appeal to you.

    R08 Denim Bib Overall

    R08 Denim Bib Overall
    The R08 is the ideal unlined bib for any season. Its 100%, rough denim material is what makes these bibs so durable. Featuring multiple tool pockets and a hammer loop, the R08 will help you get the job done everyday. Reinforced pockets and triple stitching allows you to work without having to worry about ruining these stylish bibs.
    $44.99 In stock

    R07 Washed Denim Bib Overall

    R07 Washed Denim Bib Overall
    Made with 11.75oz cotton denim, the R07 unlined bib is heavy duty. This bib was washed to increase the comfortability and to protect the denim material. With various tool pockets and adjustable suspenders, the R07 will have the secure fit you desire with some helpful features.
    $49.99 In stock

    R37 Carhartt Duck Zip to Thigh Overall

    R37 Carhartt Duck Zip to Thigh Overall
    This 100% firm duck bib is built to last throughout every season. Featuring a zipper that starts at the ankle and goes all the way up to the thigh, the R37 is very easy to take off and put back on. These bibs can fit knee pads and hold various tools, which makes them ideal for any hard worker.
    $69.99 In stock

    R01 Carhartt Duck Bib Overall

    R01 Carhartt Duck Bib Overall
    The R01 is a cornerstone to Carhartt's inventory. For many years, this unlined bib has showed great popularity. Made up of 100% cotton duck and featuring double knees, for knee pads, the R01 is something to admire when looking for a bib. Many tool pockets and utility loops make this bib easy for anyone to wear.
    $59.99 In stock

    Wednesday, August 14, 2013

    75-1305 High Visibility Jacket

    Midwest Workwear has had unbelievable success selling the 75-1305 high visibility jacket and we only expect it to continue. This simple, class 3 jacket is waterproof and built to last. Year after year, this jacket sells more than any other high visibility jacket because it is sold at a fair price and can protect you from all conditions of weather. If you are looking for a high visibility jacket, look no further than this Majestic made item. Priced at $39.99 and can match the class 3 standards, this jacket is perfect for anyone looking for a hi-vis jacket.

    75-1305- High visibility, class 3 jacket. This jacket is composed of 100% polyester, coated oxford fabric, and is fully water proof to keep you safe. Our top selling hi-vis jacket also features a detachable hood and two outer pockets for convenience. This jacket's seams are fully taped to ensure that no moisture leaks through the protective membrane. Need a high visibility jacket? You can not beat this price ($39.99).

    For all other high visibility products, visit our protective apparel page.
    For all other Midwest Workwear products, take a look at our home page.

    Tuesday, August 13, 2013

    Built Carhartt Tough

    Carhartt is well-known for creating the highest quality workwear around. Every day their brand is put to the test at thousands of job sites across the country. However, some confusion does exist about the different materials offered by Carhartt.
    Here are the details about the duck, sandstone, and denim materials:

    Carhartt Duck Material

    Carhartt's duck material is known for it's strength. That is why their B11 Washed-Duck Work Pants and B01 Firm-Duck Double-Front Pants are made from this material. The material itself has is spun from 100% cotton duck and continues to prove its strength through its apparent versatility.

    Carhartt Sandstone Material

    There is often some confusion about Carhartt's sandstone material. Some customers mistakenly think that it is a color. However, the sandstone fabric is actually one of Carhartt's softer and more comfortable fabrics. Through a special manufacturing process, the material is given a softer feel which makes this product more suitable for wearing on the street rather than on the job. Still, products made with the sandstone fabric, such as the C26 Traditional Coat, are still durable and versatile.

    Carhartt Denim Material

    Although it is not as strong as the duck material, Carhartt's denim still offers tremendous strength and is ready for use in workwear jeans. Jeans are offered in a variety of different styles. Additionally, you can purchase products with a hammer loop if your work conditions require it. The B73 Double-Front Logger Jean is one such example of these workwear jeans.

    Other Features

    Carhartt clothes offer a few other features. For example, the YKK zippers used on the pants, coats, and jackets are well-known for being easy to operate and their durability matches that of the pants. Carhartt clothing truly is made from the best materials available.

    Friday, August 9, 2013

    Fall On The Way

    With Summer coming to a close and cool weather on its way, every hard worker should be preparing with the appropriate clothing. Although Carhartt has released many new fall products, we would like to emphasize the popularity of two particular best sellers by placing them on sale. These two shirts are very similar long sleeve, work shirts, but have always been cornerstones to the fall catalog. Both of these items are made up of mid-weight, 6.75 ounce material. The K126 crewneck and K128 henley were intentionally constructed for either layering or to wear by itself. The comfortable fit will keep you coming back to these durable, trustworthy shirts.

    K126- Carhartt, workwear shirt. This plain, 100% cotton shirt is built to last through any conditions. The K126 has proved its durability by consistently outperforming any other work wear shirt, while lasting many years longer than the average.

    K128- Carhartt workwear Henley. Perfect for cool fall weather, the K128 can act as a base layer shirt or be worn alone. Its rib knit collar and three button closure will add to its comfortability level. Finally, the side seam construction dismisses any problems with twisting and maneuvering.

    For all other Midwest Workwear products, visit our home page.

    Thursday, July 25, 2013

    Carhartt: Made in the USA

    Carhartt has always kept some production in the United States, but at the beginning of 2012 they decided to completely move the production of some popular items back to the United States.
    Here is a list of the items for which Carhartt is moving productions of all colors back to the United States:

    For more information about Carhartt's dedication to make products in the USA, check out this video:

    Wednesday, July 24, 2013

    Blaze Orange Carhartt

    As the hunting season approaches, many people begin shopping for blaze orange clothing. For years, people have been suggesting that Carhartt should make blaze orange colors available. Now they have!

    Carhartt's Blaze Orange Jacket for huntingMidwest Workwear is proud to announce that the Carhartt J140 Jacket is now available in blaze orange.

    J140 Blaze Orange Active Jacket

    The is made in the USA and designed to give you the flexibility and warmth required while hunting. The jacket features a flannel lining and nylon lining is used for the hood.
    In addition to the front pockets, this jacket also has two interior pockets.
    You can buy this Carhartt jacket for $79.99 (20% off the normal price). Other colors are also available.

    V01 Blase Orange Vest

    A blaze orange Carhartt vest
    Carhatt has also decided to product a blaze orange version of their V01 vest. The vest has nylon lining which is filled with polyester for insulation.

    For more updates on new and upcoming products, like Midwest Workwear on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

    Monday, July 22, 2013

    Product Comparison: FRS003 vs. FRS159

    Carhartt has recently decided to replace their FRS159 Flame Resistant Shirt with the FRS003 Work-Dry Shirt. Although the shirts are similar in appearance, there are a few differences between these products. One such example is that the FRS003 is offered in two new colors: Royal Blue and Gray. In addition to the addedl colors, the FRS003 also features Carhartt's Work-Dry technology.
    The FRS003 is Carhartt's newer design for a flame resistant shirt. This shirt features Carhartt's Work-Dry material which wicks away moisture and controls odor.
    This design is also cheaper than its predecessor, costing $59.00.

    Carhartt's FRS159 is an older flame resistant shirt which the FRS003 is intended to replace. Because the shirt is being replaced, some of the color/size options are limited. However, you can still purchase this product on our website for $66.00.

    One of the reviews for this product does mention that the sizing does run on the large side. Remember to take that into account when ordering.
    If you are looking for other FR Clothing, you can check the FR listings on our website. Or, you can browse through our other Carhartt clothing.

    Thursday, July 18, 2013

    Welding Shirt Sale

    With a growing demand for welding clothing and equipment, Midwest Workwear has decided to place a few items on sale. Welding shirts are composed of 100% cotton that has a natural tendency to be flame resistant and are held together with metal snaps. All shirts contain two shirt pockets that are made for storing small tools. Although welding shirts are not as safe as flame resistant products, their purpose is to defend the wearer from heat and melting fabric burns, without having to spend too much money. With four shirts featured ranging over different name brands, you will be sure to find the material and style you prefer in a welding shirt. Our newly redesigned welding clothing page will help you out, but if you have any questions feel free to call our intelligent staff at 888-923-9675.

    100083- Carhartt welding shirt. Made up of 9.5oz cotton denim and fitted with pearl colored snaps, this shirt will keep you safe and comfortable. Featuring a spread collar and two check pockets, this shirt lays perfectly and provides useful storage.

    S209- Carhartt Ironwood work shirt. This snap front twill shirt is made from a lighter 8.5oz cotton that is incredibly durable for its weight. Featuring two chest pockets and a left pocket containing a pencil slot, it is crafted for a handyman.

    Lapco Heavy Weight Shirt- Constructed of 10oz cotton, this heavy weight shirt is tough enough to take on any person's job. Stainless steel pearl snaps keep the shirt together, while you work confidently through your day.

    Lapco Heavy Weight Denim Shirt- This heavy weight cotton shirt is made up of 10oz cotton. Made of denim cotton, this shirt will not give up in the roughest of conditions. This Lapco shirt also features double stitching on pockets, flaps, and shoulder seams for extra durability.

    For all other products visit our home page.

    Monday, July 15, 2013

    100410 Carhartt Sweat Wicking Shirt

    During the hottest months of the year, we are seeing more people invest their money into clothing that can manage drastic temperatures. Carhartt has been designing shirts to match this demand and has successfully manufactured a sweat wicking shirt. The 100410 uses nano technology to repel the sweat from the body and then keeps it from sticking to the shirt. Without having to worry about a wet shirt, you can comfortably wear it all day long. Composed of 5.75 ounce 65% cotton/35% polyester material, the 100410 is extremely light weight, making it the perfect summer, work shirt. The elimination of sweat will also reduce chafing that can occur on a daily work grind. If you are in need of body temperature management clothing, check out the 100410.
    100410- Carhartt sweat wicking shirt. Featuring Raglan sleeves and a relaxed fit, this shirt is made for the heat. The shirt pocket is useful for carrying small tools and other small supplies that are needed. The 100410 also has Stain Breaker technology that prevents sweat stains after washing.

    For all other products visit our home page.

    Tuesday, July 9, 2013

    Scorching Hot Temperatures Inspire New Inventory at Midwest Workwear

    With more and more news displaying the unbelievable hot weather around the nation, Midwest Workwear has decided to step up and address the situation. The following two products were introduced to the site in effort to cool down the nation's workers. The CO3313B and CO25HHI are designed to keep you protected in the most ridiculous of temperatures. By activating is nano technology, cooling agent with just water, the two cooling rags will change the temperature in seconds.

    Co3313B- cooling rag. This cooling device can be applied anywhere and be activated in just seconds with water. Reuse again and again to keep yourself safe in the destructive heat. For best results place on the back of neck

    CO25HHI- cooling hard hat liner. This liner is an essential for construction workers as the temperature cranks up. An easy, universal liner fits almost any head protection and feels cooler than you can imagine.

    For all other products visit our home page-

    Monday, July 8, 2013

    Red Kap Selection Expansion

    Midwest Workwear has recently expanded its selection of Red Kap items. Red Kap clothing dates back to 1923 when the first washable work wear was being produced. Since 1986, Red Kap has been owned by VF corporation and has proved its reliability in the field by reaching a vast market of consumers. With our newly redesigned navigation page and our absolute lowest market price, any customer will be able to acquire what they need without breaking their bank. Red Kap also understands the importance of personalization of products by offering a vast choice of colors, lengths, and sizes of their products. Check out our newly redesigned navigation page for Red Kap.

    SP24- One of our most popular Red Kap items, its jaw-dropping price and amazing comfortability is available in 15+ colors. Constructed of 4.25 oz. TouchTex II fabric, this shirt will wick the moisture away and keep you as cool as possible. The SP24 is available for $9.95 and is great for any job with hot conditions!

    For all other products, visit our home page-

    Wednesday, July 3, 2013

    Hard Hats Selection Expansion

    Midwest Workwear has just expanded its selection of hard hats for the working person. With more than 3 brands to choose from, anyone will be able to find what they are looking for. Our newly redesigned navigation page allows you to shop by brand or style of hard hat. Structured for easy access, all hard hats are uniquely sorted. All of our hard hats pages list the safety standards involved and our employee crew would be happy to explain the guidelines over a personal toll free phone call. With our customer support and grand selection, we can promise that you will find the best possible hard hat. Visit our hard hat navigation page or continue on to look at our most popular hard hat.

    Bullard C33 Full Brim Hard Hats feature Bullard's 3-ribbed, sleek, lightweight and trim design. With its low center of gravity, engineered for incredible balance, the full brim design is extra protective. The C33 has an adjustable ratchet suspension that includes a seamless, nylon, point structure. To top it all off this helmet is made in the USA.

    Toll Free Number- 888-923-9675

    For all other products visit our home page-

    Monday, June 24, 2013

    High Visibility Shirt Special

    Midwest Workwear has stocked over 1000 of our own custom, high visibility t-shirt (#75090). Trying to push for an all time lowest price, we are selling these feather-lite shirts for $9.99. With barely any product markup, we are expecting these shirts to fly off the shelves. Don't be fooled by the price either, these shirts are of high production quality and will suit anyone working in the hot, summer conditions. Since we do stock these t-shirts, you can expect your order to ship the same day you order it. Beat the heat with a Midwest Workwear high visibility shirt!

    #75090- Midwest Workwear High Visibility Pocket T-Shirt. 100% Polyester that will not Fade or Shrink. 4.1oz Birdseye Knit Fabric With Excellent Breathability and Left Chest Pocket.