Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Blaze Orange Carhartt

As the hunting season approaches, many people begin shopping for blaze orange clothing. For years, people have been suggesting that Carhartt should make blaze orange colors available. Now they have!

Carhartt's Blaze Orange Jacket for huntingMidwest Workwear is proud to announce that the Carhartt J140 Jacket is now available in blaze orange.

J140 Blaze Orange Active Jacket

The is made in the USA and designed to give you the flexibility and warmth required while hunting. The jacket features a flannel lining and nylon lining is used for the hood.
In addition to the front pockets, this jacket also has two interior pockets.
You can buy this Carhartt jacket for $79.99 (20% off the normal price). Other colors are also available.

V01 Blase Orange Vest

A blaze orange Carhartt vest
Carhatt has also decided to product a blaze orange version of their V01 vest. The vest has nylon lining which is filled with polyester for insulation.

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