Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hard Hats Selection Expansion

Midwest Workwear has just expanded its selection of hard hats for the working person. With more than 3 brands to choose from, anyone will be able to find what they are looking for. Our newly redesigned navigation page allows you to shop by brand or style of hard hat. Structured for easy access, all hard hats are uniquely sorted. All of our hard hats pages list the safety standards involved and our employee crew would be happy to explain the guidelines over a personal toll free phone call. With our customer support and grand selection, we can promise that you will find the best possible hard hat. Visit our hard hat navigation page or continue on to look at our most popular hard hat.

Bullard C33 Full Brim Hard Hats feature Bullard's 3-ribbed, sleek, lightweight and trim design. With its low center of gravity, engineered for incredible balance, the full brim design is extra protective. The C33 has an adjustable ratchet suspension that includes a seamless, nylon, point structure. To top it all off this helmet is made in the USA.

Toll Free Number- 888-923-9675

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