Monday, July 22, 2013

Product Comparison: FRS003 vs. FRS159

Carhartt has recently decided to replace their FRS159 Flame Resistant Shirt with the FRS003 Work-Dry Shirt. Although the shirts are similar in appearance, there are a few differences between these products. One such example is that the FRS003 is offered in two new colors: Royal Blue and Gray. In addition to the addedl colors, the FRS003 also features Carhartt's Work-Dry technology.
The FRS003 is Carhartt's newer design for a flame resistant shirt. This shirt features Carhartt's Work-Dry material which wicks away moisture and controls odor.
This design is also cheaper than its predecessor, costing $59.00.

Carhartt's FRS159 is an older flame resistant shirt which the FRS003 is intended to replace. Because the shirt is being replaced, some of the color/size options are limited. However, you can still purchase this product on our website for $66.00.

One of the reviews for this product does mention that the sizing does run on the large side. Remember to take that into account when ordering.
If you are looking for other FR Clothing, you can check the FR listings on our website. Or, you can browse through our other Carhartt clothing.


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