Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Scorching Hot Temperatures Inspire New Inventory at Midwest Workwear

With more and more news displaying the unbelievable hot weather around the nation, Midwest Workwear has decided to step up and address the situation. The following two products were introduced to the site in effort to cool down the nation's workers. The CO3313B and CO25HHI are designed to keep you protected in the most ridiculous of temperatures. By activating is nano technology, cooling agent with just water, the two cooling rags will change the temperature in seconds.

Co3313B- cooling rag. This cooling device can be applied anywhere and be activated in just seconds with water. Reuse again and again to keep yourself safe in the destructive heat. For best results place on the back of neck

CO25HHI- cooling hard hat liner. This liner is an essential for construction workers as the temperature cranks up. An easy, universal liner fits almost any head protection and feels cooler than you can imagine.

For all other products visit our home page- http://midwestworkwear.com/

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