Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Built Carhartt Tough

Carhartt is well-known for creating the highest quality workwear around. Every day their brand is put to the test at thousands of job sites across the country. However, some confusion does exist about the different materials offered by Carhartt.
Here are the details about the duck, sandstone, and denim materials:

Carhartt Duck Material

Carhartt's duck material is known for it's strength. That is why their B11 Washed-Duck Work Pants and B01 Firm-Duck Double-Front Pants are made from this material. The material itself has is spun from 100% cotton duck and continues to prove its strength through its apparent versatility.

Carhartt Sandstone Material

There is often some confusion about Carhartt's sandstone material. Some customers mistakenly think that it is a color. However, the sandstone fabric is actually one of Carhartt's softer and more comfortable fabrics. Through a special manufacturing process, the material is given a softer feel which makes this product more suitable for wearing on the street rather than on the job. Still, products made with the sandstone fabric, such as the C26 Traditional Coat, are still durable and versatile.

Carhartt Denim Material

Although it is not as strong as the duck material, Carhartt's denim still offers tremendous strength and is ready for use in workwear jeans. Jeans are offered in a variety of different styles. Additionally, you can purchase products with a hammer loop if your work conditions require it. The B73 Double-Front Logger Jean is one such example of these workwear jeans.

Other Features

Carhartt clothes offer a few other features. For example, the YKK zippers used on the pants, coats, and jackets are well-known for being easy to operate and their durability matches that of the pants. Carhartt clothing truly is made from the best materials available.

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