Thursday, August 29, 2013

Unique Options at Midwest Workwear

Here are some of the unique products which Midwest Workwear offers that are hard to find anywhere else.
High-Vis FR Combos: Our high visibility flame resistant clothing has a selection which is unmatched by anyone else. Plenty of retailers offer flame resistant or high-vis clothing, but Midwest Workwear is able to offer both features in a single product.
Hunting Clothes: Midwest Workwear offers blaze orange and camo clothing options. We are proud to carry the blaze orange products made by Carhartt.
Closeout Carhartt and Promotions: We make every effort to give you the lowest price allowed by Carhartt. Check out our clearance section for great prices. You can use the coupon code "EXTRA50" for an extra 50% off women's clearance items. We also have a page that lists current and upcoming promotions.

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