Monday, September 30, 2013

Flame Resistant Brands

We offer a wide variety of flame resistant/flame retardant clothing at Midwest Workwear. Carhartt FR is one of our biggest brands, but other options are available. For our last post of the month, we would like to provide a quick overview of some brands that might be overlooked.
  • Bulwark FR - Bulwark is a great, Nashville-based, company that offers a wide variety of flame resistant options. Many of their products are sold to utility workers, but they are still a great FR option. Many of Bulwark's products are made with Nomex for its flame-resistant properties. If that is a feature you are looking for, Bulwark is a great place to start. One more thing: Bulwark is also one of the brands which offers High Visibility FR items.
  • Rasco FR - Rasco's product list is not as expansive as Bulwark's, but they still get the job done. Rasco has the traditional selection of coats, coveralls, pants, shirts, and sweatshirts, but they still have some niche items such as their flame resistant camo jacket and t-shirt.
  • DriFire FR - DriFire clothing is made in made in the USA and they are another one of our flame resistant vendors which offer a high visibility FR option, but their selection is more limited in that area. They do also offer some flame resistant thermal underwear and other accessories in addition to some shirts. They do not have a lot of variety, but they are definitely worth a look.
  • Berne FR - This Indiana-based company was founded in 1915 to sell overalls and shirts. A unique product of their invention is their snap-on hood. If you are looking for flame-resistant bibs, coveralls, jackets, or sweatshirts, Berne is worth a try.
  • NSA FR - National Safety Apparel is located in Ohio and has been making their quality flame-resistant products in the USA for many years. NSA is the only vendor which offers a protection kit with a hard hat, face shield, glasses, etc. They also offer a variety of sweatshirts and high visibility items. If you work in a cold environment, I recommend trying out one of their pullover or zip sweatshirts to see how it performs.
And that concludes our rundown. If you would like to browse through the entire Midwest Workwear selection of flame resistant items, you can take a look at our all flame resistant clothing page.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Popular Carhartt Jackets

With the first day of fall just two days away and cooler weather on its way. It is time to start thinking about coats and jackets. Here are some of the most popular fall and winter products from Carhartt's catalog:

J140 Duck Active Jacket

Dark Navy Carhartt J140 Jacket
Brand: Carhartt - $79.99 - In stock
Are you looking for a Carhartt jacket that is made in the USA? The J140 is the jacket for you. Made from 100% ring-spun cotton duck, this jacket is versatile and warm. Additionally, the quilted flannel lining and nylon-lined sleeves provide extra warmth.
If you are looking for other products which are made in the United States, check out our made in the USA list

J130 Sandstone Active Jacket

Brown Carhartt J130 Jacket
Brand: Carhartt - $84.99 - In stock
This Carhartt jacket is made for working. The rugged sandstone duck is built to withstand harsh conditions. Not only will the jacket survive, you will too; this jacket is lined with warm, quilted flannel and the sleeves are lined with quilted nylon. This jacket has two front hand-warmer pockets in addition to two internal pockets. If you are looking for an obviously tough workwear jacket, this is the one for you.

C003 Traditional Lined Coat

Black Carhartt C003 Coat
Brand: Carhartt - $99.99 - In stock
The C003 Duck Traditional Lined Coat was made with winter in mind. It is made out of Carhartt's tough duck material and it has an arctic quilt lining. The inside of the coat is insulated with arctic-weight polyester. The coat offers plenty of storage space with two chest pockets and two lower-front pockets.

J002 Duck Traditional Lined Jacket

Brown Carhartt J002 Jacket
Brand: Carhartt - $84.99 - In stock
Carhartt's J002 Duck Traditional Lined Jacket was built to last. Made of 100% cotton duck and has a quilted nylon polyester lining, this jacket is sure to keep you warm. On the front of the coat there is two hand warmer pockets in addition to the two pockets on the inside of the coat.
Unlike the C003, this jacket only has two pockets on the front, but the inside pockets provide extra space for storage.