Thursday, December 26, 2013

Georgia Boots

Feet drenched after a hard day of work outdoors? Many people come home after a long day and pull off their soaked work boots. This causes discomfort and problems for the boots owner. During the winter and spring, slush and ice-cold waters seep into your boots causing your feet to be soaked to the bone, especially if your boots are not waterproof or designed to keep out the cold.

Georgia Boots has put in effort to design numerous boots that will keep you dry. Their Gore-tex fabric was engineered to keep you warm throughout the winter. Here are some boots that feature this technology:

G8274 Soggy Brown Boot

Georgia brand soggy brown colored boot with black sole and green laces.
Brand: Georgia Boot - $124.99 - In stock

Despite the name, this boot is not soggy at all. The name more apt to describe the conditions this boot was desgined to protect against. Slog through mud, muck, and other slushy puddles without fear or hesitation! And, do it all with style in these comfortable boots.

Additionally, these boots were desgined to last. They are built with durable, full-grain leather that resists oils and grease.

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