Saturday, December 21, 2013

Icy Conditions

Shoveling in a snowstorm? Yuck. But, that is what many people have been doing this winter and will continue doing throughout the winter. The only thing that could make it worse is having icy pavement.

Vehicle owners have been using tire chains to handle these winter conditions for a long time. Now, a revolutionary product is bringing the same solution to your feet!

Yaktrax Pro

Ice Trekkers Yaktrax Pro create traction with a collection of grips that attach to the bottom of your boot
Brand: ICE Trekkers - $26.99 - In stock

The Yaktrax boot grips provide extra traction by attaching grips to the bottom of your boot. Simply position your boot inside the traction frame and attach the strap to lock your boot in place.

The traction in this design comes from the coils under the boot that dig into ice and snow. Walk just like you normally would, but without fear of slipping.

Buy the Yaktrax Boot Grips

Other boot grips are also available to fit your style preference and price range. Search through other boot grips.

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