Friday, April 25, 2014

Class Warfare in High Visibility

Different jobs have different safety requirements and it is important to know the difference when shopping online. Here is the difference:

  • Class 2: Items meeting these safety requirements have a single, reflective stripe around the stomach along with a single strip on the sleeve.
  • Class 3: Items with this classification have two reflective stripes around the stomach. It also has a stripe around the sleeve; if it is long-sleeved, two sleeve stripes are required.

Here is some examples:

High visibility yellow shirt with reflective stripes.

CL3LONG Class 3 Long Sleeve Shirt

This long-sleeve shirt meets the Class 3 standards for long sleeve shirts and has other notable features including a chest pocket and a moisture wicking material.

More information about this shirt can be found on our website.

High visibility short sleeve shirt with Class 3 stripes.

9051C3 Class 3 Short Sleeve Shirt

This shirt is built to be comfortable while meeting Class 3 standards. Like the CL3LONG, it is made with a moisture wicking polyester fabric and it has a chest pocket.

If you would like to purchase this t-shirt, you can buy it on our website.

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