Friday, May 9, 2014

Occunomix Safety Wear

The Occunomix brand is the latest addition to the Midwest Workwear high-visibility lineup. We are still adding the items to our website, but we already know that the brand is going to be a success.

Occunomix LUX-SSETPBK Safety T-Shirt

High visibility shirt with black bottom and reflective stripe around waist and over shoulders
Brand: Occunomix - $12.49 - In stock

This safety t-shirt is made with lightweight 3.8-ounce moisture-wicking fabric. The shirt has a bright lime top half with reflective stripes and a conveniently located chest pocket. For additional contrast, the shirt's bottom-half is colored black underneath the reflective stripe.

The color contrast in this item is highly unique across the brands we carry and is worth checking out today.